15. Read While Waiting Project, KL Sentral, Aug 23

I couldn't attend the Read While Waiting Project, and Uzair also had undisclosed difficulties. But amazingly enough, we have a few anonymous email contributions for this blog! Sorry I'm not using all of them, since I prefer photos where what they're reading is clearer. As for photos of the general flashmob, they're a Google search away. I have my own opinions on flashmobs here in Malaysia but I won't go into that. However, I do think reading while waiting is the only way to wait. And to be a sport, here is one general photo. Just one ok!

Here's a submitted write-up of the event:
Random Alphabets organised another event that brought people of Kuala Lumpur together to do the same thing for specified time at specified location. This time, they brought a book and read it for fifteen minutes (or at least pretend to read) at KL Central.

Some were already reading before 3PM (the time they're supposed to start) and the rest were lingering around. At 3PM the people near KFC got together and sat in a circle to read their books. The patrons ignored their chicken for a moment to figure out what was happening. Meanwhile, those between the KTM entrances stood still and began to read their books. Sharon Bakar and Marina Mahathir were spotted in the crowd as well.

Read While Waiting Project was done for a good cause and it was a great way to create awareness but let us not stop there. We don't have to wait for another random flash mob to pick up a book again.

- Anon.

And here's a submitted entry, readkl style!

She's an events coordinator, reading Lady Friday by Garth Nix while waiting for the Read While Waiting Project to kick off. She was disappointed that not many came to KL Sentral to join the cause. Perhaps she was comparing it to the previous event (KL Freeze) also by Random Alphabets which attracted hundreds of KLlites to participate.

- Submitted by Anonymous Ah Chong.

And here are a few books people chose to bring to the flashmob (the ones I could make out, at least):

  1. Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder (lovely author. My favourite book of his is Solitaire Mystery)
  2. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray
  3. The Rape Of Nanking by Iris Chang
  4. a book in Chinese which I can't make out
  5. When You Are Engulfed In Flames by David Sedaris, which I mentioned in my previous post!
Thanks to the anonymous submissions (although I wouldn't be surprised if it was just one person, hmm) and hello to the new contributors I just approved! Can't wait to see who and which book you spot next.


DAN said...

wow. wow. wow. this is so cool. i want to join! is there any more event?

really love to see other people read.

terima kasih for the blog entries! i'd love to be a contributor, well its nice to catch someone reading, but then, saya tak ada kamera, even in handphone, plus i'm still a student, can't go out oftenlah.. :(

(or maybe i could just expose myself to be caught reading by you..haha)

thanks again!:)

mia said...

wow. i did not know these type of events were actually held in KL!!!
i really missed out, i'm especialy peeved because i often go to kl sentral when i go home from school... HOW COULD I MISS THIS????