29. The Messenger, in Pudu

reading while: being early for church choir practice

I became a contributor to this blog this very day. To start off the adventure, I thought I'd see if I can spot any readers during lunch time in OneUtama ... no such luck. Those in the old wing were too busy with the Jusco Sale and the new wing was rather empty. Every person I did catch seated on benches was intently staring into their cellphones. Have you got a book in there?

So much for the first day of being a readkl.blogspot.com contributor, I thought.

But all is not lost.

I did not expect it but in the evening, I was at church to attend choir practice. Still early, one of my friends trudged in, plonked herself on a pew and fished out a book!

There, my first one on my first day:

She was reading Daniel Silva's The Messenger. She told me the book is pretty good. I have not been much in the spy thriller genre lately. I must check it out the next time I am at the bookstore.

28. three in a row on the LRT this morning

reading while: on the LRT

I found this in my inbox a few minutes ago. A reader June sent it in around 9am and said that she found not one, but three people reading in a row on the LRT this morning!

They are reading (left to right)
  1. A Shopaholic book
  2. Brisingr by Christopher Paolini
  3. Deception Point by Dan Brown
June wrote:
I was happy to spot three readers in a row. :) I think the two girls may know each other, but the other guy was definitely a stranger to all.
However she didn't ask for permission (hmmm) so if you're one of these readers and would like to have this photo removed, do say so. Thanks June for being a spontaneous contributor! It would be great if more people were like you (but, you know, asked for permission as well).

in which we get spotted!

Thanks to Gabey Goh for the soft copy!

ReadKL makes the news!

Want to spot us for a change? We're hiding somewhere in today's Malay Mail paper! (Tuesday, October 14)

edit: if anyone could scan the page for us, that'd be great. the online link to the article is here but it lacks Uzair's shot and the accompanying Sonya article.

27. The Rough Guide To Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, at KLCC

reading while: at Starbucks

It was 8am. The first time i've woke up this early in months. Trying to change my vampirism habit. Anyhow, around 10 I decided to head out to KLCC. Since my college is only 5 minutes away by cab I usualy go there on a regular basis for a bite or read. The place doesn't have much to offer if your a regular Malaysian who's seen the former tallest towers in the world and walked the pavements along the symphony fountain almost everyday. But for this 35 year old tourist from England, it has to much give.

I was having a drink at the outdoor Starbucks while reading when I spotted him. He was quite drawn into the book. Reading intently on various articles of the best tourist attractions and maps I suppose. At first I hesitated since it wasn't actually a novel or so. But still it was a book nonetheless. So I approached him and asked him for an interview. He was open enough to accept my invitation with a wide smile. He was reading "The Rough Guide To Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei" and just arrived yesterday. Quite the coincidence. Stated his reasons of coming being of pleasure. He was reading the book since he's pretty much lost around here. He found various places through it and had made lots of color indicated bookmarks in it. After a little small talk here and there I took my leave.

Oh by the way, the book that I was reading was "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. It's quite an interesting read. Just bought the book. I've heard reviews from my friend's saying it's very heart rending. Do check it out. And hei, this is actually my first post for this site. Thank you for reading. ;)

26. Asian Godfathers, at Mont Kiara

reading while: at a cafe

for the first time ever, i'm blogging from my phone! I spotted this guy while on a raya break. He's reading this book to study how Asian businessmen become so successful. It's part of his plan for world domination.

He only reads non-fiction these days. He dropped the habit of reading fiction about five years ago because he felt he couldn't relate to it enough.

Food for thought: Do your reading choices gravitate to one particular genre too? How differently do you relate to fiction vs. nonfiction? Feel free to answer in the comments!