26. Asian Godfathers, at Mont Kiara

reading while: at a cafe

for the first time ever, i'm blogging from my phone! I spotted this guy while on a raya break. He's reading this book to study how Asian businessmen become so successful. It's part of his plan for world domination.

He only reads non-fiction these days. He dropped the habit of reading fiction about five years ago because he felt he couldn't relate to it enough.

Food for thought: Do your reading choices gravitate to one particular genre too? How differently do you relate to fiction vs. nonfiction? Feel free to answer in the comments!


Sonya said...

That's great that you can post with your phone! I think the entry is perfectly readable and I don't mind the sizing and the alignment of the pictures at all.

Cayce said...

For me, restricting my book choice to one genre is soooo boring! And yes, I don't get people who say that they only read 'non-fiction' because they can't relate to it. It boggles my mind - not to knock the guy in the photo, but in my experience, people who utter this are often on the boring, unimaginative side. :) Fiction opens up so many worlds - and in a lot of cases, make us understand different cultures a lot better. For example, who hasn't read Persepholis (ok it's a graphic novel, but still..) and come away thinking that Iranians in Iran durinng that era were just like anyone of us? (or our parents for that matter!) Fiction allows us to dream..

And on that note, there have been some cases where non-fiction, say a memoir or an autobiography, has been more 'fiction' than reality. :) Aka "A Long Way Gone" by Ishmael Beah.

I love non-fiction as well - particularly pop science, environmental books.

I know that you haven't had much luck with finding readers in KL - but perhaps a blog post for people who wanna snap photos of readers but are on the shy side, would inspire more contributions? :) Are readers in KL more open to talking about their books, or do they shy away??

dizzy said...

Hi cayce, thanks for the awesome comment. Do you mean a blog post where people just take photos of people reading without approaching them? I don't know... I think that's a violation of privacy.

The reason I make small talk with people I intend to 'catch' for readkl is that I want them to know that I'm taking their photo, why I'm taking their photo, spreading awareness and also the URL, you know?

It doesn't have to be an indepth discussion, mine usually aren't at least. I just ask them if I could take their photo, what book are they reading, ask if I could take a photo of the cover, and whether the book is theirs, how's the book so far, etc, small talk not lasting a minute at least :) any longer and it'll be hard for me to remember what to write later!

are you interested in contributing?

Dr. AINI BIN MURNI aka cendekiadoc said...

Hi.. Nice to read your blog. I have linked your blog with mine.

dan said...

yes, i always choose fantasy books or novels..but i really love to read something that is good, so i don't really care if it's fiction or not, or whether its fantasy or romance..as long as it's good, i'll try reading it and see what's in store!

p/s yea, its really wonderful to know that this is the result of mobile blogging. so cool! hey its readable, plus the pics are big enough 4 people to see- i see no mess.

thnx 4 ur wonderful entries! really hope to see more of people reading (here so few of my friends love to read-to see people reading is excitement for me :-)

dizzy said...

dr aini, I'll link you back on this website as well, thank you!

dan, I'm glad you see no mess. it was my first time and seeing it back on the computer, I'm glad to see how it turned out! if you were curious, I used a Nokia N82. I was given an early model by Nokia to try out last year and I still highly recommend it.s

Ari. said...

the books i usually read are just worlds apart sometimes. from something from tolkien to grisham. then from coelho to mark haddon. jane austen to murakami. i guess i just like books that put you closely attached to the characters at hand. fiction or not. fantasy or reality. a story of grand proportions or just an investigation of a dead dog. if it's a good read, well, it's one for the shelves. :)

Just Jasmine said...

Asian Godfather? I own one too. Not book but human :)