29. The Messenger, in Pudu

reading while: being early for church choir practice

I became a contributor to this blog this very day. To start off the adventure, I thought I'd see if I can spot any readers during lunch time in OneUtama ... no such luck. Those in the old wing were too busy with the Jusco Sale and the new wing was rather empty. Every person I did catch seated on benches was intently staring into their cellphones. Have you got a book in there?

So much for the first day of being a readkl.blogspot.com contributor, I thought.

But all is not lost.

I did not expect it but in the evening, I was at church to attend choir practice. Still early, one of my friends trudged in, plonked herself on a pew and fished out a book!

There, my first one on my first day:

She was reading Daniel Silva's The Messenger. She told me the book is pretty good. I have not been much in the spy thriller genre lately. I must check it out the next time I am at the bookstore.


dan said...

oo its a spy thriller? its long since i've read one. i'm still into teen books (of course, im 19 fyi). but i delve a lot into fantasy ones.

wonder if daniel silva have any other books? fantasy, did he write one?

Alicia said...

Hey there,
Daniel Silva writes international espionage thrillers mostly....I picked up his book by accident..(it was on sale)....and got hooked...don't think he writes fantasy....

dizzy said...

welcome to readKL pearlie!

pearlie said...

oops ... a late reply :)
Thanks dizzy

pearlie said...

You into fantasy? Which ones have you read?