43. at dr. cafe, Solaris Mont Kiara

reading while: at a cafe

He's reading a book in Mandarin, and doesn't know how to translate the title into something I could type out (help?). It's a non-fiction book about a Japanese warrior. His reading habits are 'nonstop': once he's done with a book, he moves on to another immediately. James Clavell's Noble House is his favourite book, and he's also partial to Robert Ludlum.

42. Let The Right One In, in Bangsar

reading while: friend gets a haircut, 4:53pm

She got the book from a friend who is in the process of transferring her library electronically. She reads pdf books and graphic novels too, and has no medium preference. Before this book, she was reading Michael Chabon's Wonder Boys. She feels her biggest reading accomplishment was finishing Documenta #12, and is partial to reading anything from "depressed white men."

41. Dari Penjara Ke Tampuk Kuasa, at Annexe

reading while: attending arts event

Spotted while I was leaving the event, this soft-spoken philosophy lecturer reads two or three books a month, and says he's partial to Plato. We had a brief chat about this blog, why I stubbornly keep it up, and the reading habits of our country (or lack of), and other frustrations. I'm glad I caught him.

PS: how tasty is this new X-Large photo feature in Blogger? I love it. Will post photos only in X-Large size from now.

40. The Secret History, KLIA, 1:26pm

reading while: waiting to board plane

A reader only on occasion but a reader nonetheless, he chooses books such as The Secret History by Donna Tartt; a mystery novel, to read on his vacations. He only fancies murder mysteries and such. Doesn't really have a favorite author but claims to have cycled through a few books in the past years.

happy Deepavali

ReadKL wishes everyone an awesome festival of lights!

right to read festival, 10-11 October 2009

click on the image for complete festival schedule!

if this isn't for the book lovers or soon-to-be book lovers then nothing is! The festival looks like heaps of fun; DIY shirt workshop, reading corner, children bookcover art workshops, film screenings and lots and lots of books of course.

bring your book, you might never know who you'll bump into there :)

39. Goblet of Fire, on Star LRT

reading while: on the LRT

She's a biochemistry lecturer with 800 books in her collection, but rereads the Potter series constantly. Her daughter may write science fiction, but she says if she were to write a novel, it'd probably just be fiction.

38. Pearl Moon, in Cheras

reading while: waiting for the bus

She's a student who normally doesn't read romance novels. She still prefers her historical non-fiction. But since she's finally gotten this Katherine Stone book back (her friends were passing it around amongst themselves for awhile), she's decided to sit down for a reread while waiting for the bus.

37. The Great Gatsby, on the Putra LRT

reading while: on the LRT

The first time she's reading this Fitzgerald novel. Since she moved to Ampang, she's always been taking the train. Her favourite genre is fiction, and her favourite book is Captain Corelli's Mandolin, but she didn't like the film adaptation and never finished watching it. She just finished school and will start university soon (probably by the time of this post, since I lost her photos for awhile). In other news, where are all the readers!

(PS: This isn't the first time we've seen Great Gatsby on ReadKL, actually)

36. Persuasion, in Kelana Jaya

Finally, an update! Photo taken using my Nokia 3120 classic. Caught the wife of my boss reading Persuasion by Jane Austen at our old office last month.

Apparently she reads everything by Jane Austen.

35. The Reason Why She Moved To New York City, at KL Sentral

reading while: waiting for a friend to show up for lunch

The Reason Why She Moved To New York City is the English translation for this Japanese biography:

The author is a journalist, and this very sweet reader I spotted (also Japanese) loves biographies and journalist writing.

She reads several books like this, in both Japanese and English all the time as part of her anthropological research. When asked for favourites, she recommended Susan Sontag's writing because she respects Sontag's ideas and opinions.

34. You Can Reach The Top, at KL Sentral

reading while: waiting for lunch

Happy new year everyone! I was stuck in KL Sentral for a few hours yesterday and even though I didn't bring my camera, I thought I'd use my cameraphone and go readKL hunting for 2009. After combing every inch, floor, restaurant and back alley of KL Sentral during peak hour (that's a lot of walking), I still hadn't found anyone who had brought a book out to read.

After what felt like ages, I walked into Secret Recipe and spotted this reader:

She was reading You Can Reach The Top by Zig Zaglar, and was raving about how the book was laid out. She devours motivational books over all genres (although sometimes she reads horoscope books), sometimes up to 3 books a month. They encourage her to think outside the box, and learn to work with children.

She also likes Steven Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

33. A Game Of Thrones, Bangsar, 28 Nov

reading while: waiting for a friend

The last reader I bumped into for the year. He arrived a little too early so he is reading while waiting. His friend lent him this book, A Game Of Thrones by George R.R Martin. He's enjoying it just fine, and doesn't have a favourite book.

readKL is ready for 2009, are you?

at last! I know we've been on a long hiatus. Well technically, only I have, since I couldn't find my card reader or charger. As for the other contributors, I wonder if they keep quiet when I do too?

I combed KL Sentral today for two hours (I was stranded) and only found two people who brought books out with them to read. I'm hoping the rest of the year will be more promising.