34. You Can Reach The Top, at KL Sentral

reading while: waiting for lunch

Happy new year everyone! I was stuck in KL Sentral for a few hours yesterday and even though I didn't bring my camera, I thought I'd use my cameraphone and go readKL hunting for 2009. After combing every inch, floor, restaurant and back alley of KL Sentral during peak hour (that's a lot of walking), I still hadn't found anyone who had brought a book out to read.

After what felt like ages, I walked into Secret Recipe and spotted this reader:

She was reading You Can Reach The Top by Zig Zaglar, and was raving about how the book was laid out. She devours motivational books over all genres (although sometimes she reads horoscope books), sometimes up to 3 books a month. They encourage her to think outside the box, and learn to work with children.

She also likes Steven Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

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