40. The Secret History, KLIA, 1:26pm

reading while: waiting to board plane

A reader only on occasion but a reader nonetheless, he chooses books such as The Secret History by Donna Tartt; a mystery novel, to read on his vacations. He only fancies murder mysteries and such. Doesn't really have a favorite author but claims to have cycled through a few books in the past years.

happy Deepavali

ReadKL wishes everyone an awesome festival of lights!

right to read festival, 10-11 October 2009

click on the image for complete festival schedule!

if this isn't for the book lovers or soon-to-be book lovers then nothing is! The festival looks like heaps of fun; DIY shirt workshop, reading corner, children bookcover art workshops, film screenings and lots and lots of books of course.

bring your book, you might never know who you'll bump into there :)

39. Goblet of Fire, on Star LRT

reading while: on the LRT

She's a biochemistry lecturer with 800 books in her collection, but rereads the Potter series constantly. Her daughter may write science fiction, but she says if she were to write a novel, it'd probably just be fiction.

38. Pearl Moon, in Cheras

reading while: waiting for the bus

She's a student who normally doesn't read romance novels. She still prefers her historical non-fiction. But since she's finally gotten this Katherine Stone book back (her friends were passing it around amongst themselves for awhile), she's decided to sit down for a reread while waiting for the bus.