32. The Medium Is The Massage, at Desa Sri Hartamas

reading while: waiting for dinner

Bumped into a friend I haven't seen in months, reading while waiting for his dinner. Anyone who knows me would know the inside joke of why I love the title of the book he's reading:

It's an adaptation of a piece of work, a kind of collage documenting pictures, quotes, text inspired by one source. There were a lot of names on the cover so he ran me through them; McLuhan is the author, Fiore is the co-author, and Jerome Agel produced the book, but I'm not sure what that means. He keeps a separate house for his book library (very near to mine, thrillingly).

When I asked him what book he would like to make an adaptation of, he said Nabokov's Lolita. In fact, he's already started!

31. Neighbourhood Tales, at Starbucks KLCC

reading while: at Starbucks

I think this is the third reader caught reading at Starbucks KLCC. She was reading Dewi Anggraeni's Neighbourhood Tales.

30. Transmission, Berjaya Times Square, Oct 18

This is going to be a rather narcissistic book spot: myself, & Hari Kunzru's Transmission, at Berjaya Times Square mall. Here's the story:

I tagged along with a loved one to queue up for a limited edition pair of kicks. Since I'm not a sneaker fanatic all I can remember is that it had something to do with Melbourne? Anyway. We had to wait quite a while and the crowd piled up. I didn't even realize someone was taking photos. Yesterday the same loved one messaged me asking is it possible to spot yourself on readkl? I was like "heh?" and he said he found a photo of me reading in the STREEThing forums. I'll make a small exception here only because posting has been very slow lately, and I didn't stage the photo.

I did however take a photo of the cover on my blog at the time I started reading it:

So whoever took this, leave a comment, and I'll credit you :) Here's the forum link again where the original photo was found.