bonus: reading in bed

I don't know about the other contributors, but I've been having no luck lately finding anyone reading out in public. So to celebrate my frustration, I include the song Reading In Bed for your listening pleasure. Download it here! It's a brief and beautiful song by Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton. Sometimes it's hard to explain how appropriate this song feels to me. Anyway, ReadKL wishes all its readers happy Ramadan!

25. The Silmarillion, on the LRT

reading while: on the LRT

Sorry about the (very) blurry pictures! I was using my camphone to begin with, and apparently I can't take decent pictures in a moving train :(
Anyway, she is reading The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. She just came back from her brother's place and "borrowed" the book from him.  She said that the first time she tried to read The Lord of the Rings was a bit too heavy, but after watching the movies she dug up her books to try again. It's quite a lucky thing she did, because now it's one of her favorites! By now, she has read the books around 6 or 7 times. I wanted to ask if she's read The Children of Hurin, but I forgot.

24. The Science of Leonardo, at A&W Taman Jaya

reading while: eating

She is reading The Science of Leonardo by Fritjof Capra. She reads mostly mysteries and thrillers (especially books by Grisham, and Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code), as well as the occasional chick lit. While the book she is reading is about Leonardo Da Vinci, it focuses more on the science/physics during the renaissance era than Da Vinci's art. She says it's interesting because it explores his work as a scientist.

23. Last of the Wilds, at A&W Taman Jaya

reading while: at A&W after school

This is at an A&W branch, near the Taman Jaya LRT station. She is reading Trudi Canavan's Last of the Wilds, which is the second book of the Age of the Five trilogy. She is a fan of Trudi Canavan's, and have already read the Black Magician trilogy. She loves to read, and reads around 2 to 3 books a week.

22. Setulus Cinta, KLCC

reading while: on work break

I was already going back to work when I noticed this girl reading in the dressing room. She is reading Setulus Cinta by Siti Farrah Shahwir. She wraps her books in brown paper, so I can't really take a picture of the book cover, but you could see the cover and synopsis (in Malay) here. She reads a lot of novels in Malay, and is just starting on this one.

21. Shugo Chara! #1, at KLCC

reading while: on lunch break

This colleague is reading Shugo Chara! volume 1. She reads a lot of manga, mostly of the shojo (targeted towards girl readers) variety. Since she has time to kill during lunch breaks, she has been trying out various manga that she finds interesting.

20. Lullabies For Little Criminals, at KLCC

reading while: fasting during lunch break

Since it's Ramadhan, I've caught several colleagues reading in the pantry instead of eating! She is reading Lullabies For Little Criminals, by Heather O'Neill. She bought this book from Bookxcess. She is just starting it so she didn't have that much to say about the book, except that she's liking it so far.

19. The Da Vinci Code at Central Market Annexe

reading while: at an arts event

Was waiting to perform at Merdeka Cafe, for the Art For Grabs bazaar, when I spotted this woman in the audience reading in between sets.

It's the first time she's reading it, because she's already seen the movie and wanted to compare. She's a lecturer of art and design, so the art in the novel really interests her. The book is hers and she is a Grisham addict.

PS: forgot to add, I wanted to ask her if she could write a novel based on any piece of art, which would it be, because by then I had to go prep for performance. So let's leave it an open question:

Which piece of art would you write a novel around/about?

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I spotted someone on the 31st, but still can't spot my memory card reader. Please hold, folks.