43. at dr. cafe, Solaris Mont Kiara

reading while: at a cafe

He's reading a book in Mandarin, and doesn't know how to translate the title into something I could type out (help?). It's a non-fiction book about a Japanese warrior. His reading habits are 'nonstop': once he's done with a book, he moves on to another immediately. James Clavell's Noble House is his favourite book, and he's also partial to Robert Ludlum.

42. Let The Right One In, in Bangsar

reading while: friend gets a haircut, 4:53pm

She got the book from a friend who is in the process of transferring her library electronically. She reads pdf books and graphic novels too, and has no medium preference. Before this book, she was reading Michael Chabon's Wonder Boys. She feels her biggest reading accomplishment was finishing Documenta #12, and is partial to reading anything from "depressed white men."

41. Dari Penjara Ke Tampuk Kuasa, at Annexe

reading while: attending arts event

Spotted while I was leaving the event, this soft-spoken philosophy lecturer reads two or three books a month, and says he's partial to Plato. We had a brief chat about this blog, why I stubbornly keep it up, and the reading habits of our country (or lack of), and other frustrations. I'm glad I caught him.

PS: how tasty is this new X-Large photo feature in Blogger? I love it. Will post photos only in X-Large size from now.