28. three in a row on the LRT this morning

reading while: on the LRT

I found this in my inbox a few minutes ago. A reader June sent it in around 9am and said that she found not one, but three people reading in a row on the LRT this morning!

They are reading (left to right)
  1. A Shopaholic book
  2. Brisingr by Christopher Paolini
  3. Deception Point by Dan Brown
June wrote:
I was happy to spot three readers in a row. :) I think the two girls may know each other, but the other guy was definitely a stranger to all.
However she didn't ask for permission (hmmm) so if you're one of these readers and would like to have this photo removed, do say so. Thanks June for being a spontaneous contributor! It would be great if more people were like you (but, you know, asked for permission as well).

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