5. 100 Minutes To Change The World, backstage yet again

I know there's a lot of theatre posts here, but it's only because I've practically been living backstage the past week as part of a 10 minute play festival. My part is over for now, but I still have one more post from backstage after this! It's starting to look almost staged (pardon the pun), but I swear to you, it isn't. I was in the dressing room, & the girl from two posts back asked me to check out the Green Room cause she saw a few people reading. Like her:

(Maybe in conjunction with the 10 minute play festival), she was reading a small book of 10 minute local plays from the website Kakiseni. None of them were staged at the festival but I remembered getting this from free from them a few months back.

Like him, it wasn't her book but she found it lying around the Green Room. It's a collection of scripts and she likes what she's read so far. Her favourite book is Princess by Jean P. Sasson, and she mainly favours women biographies. "But I'm not a feminist though."

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